An Effective Gout Diet To Reduce Inflammation

Gout is a painful medical condition in which crystals collect in your extremities – particularly the feet and ankles. The crystals are made of uric acid. Uric acid is something that is made when purines, a substance found in many foods are broken down in the body. One way to beat and to prevent the condition is to follow a gout diet that avoids purines and focuses on foods and drinks that are less likely to increase your risk of gout.

What foods are best avoided, and which are advisable, when following a gout diet? Well, red meats and fatty meats are a bad idea, as are seafood that are high in purines. That said, vegetables that are rich in purines are thought to not be a danger factor. Lentils and beans are also usually safe for people with gout.

So, if you're looking to manage gout to bring down an outbreak or reduce the risk of one happening again, then your best bet is to try to find ways to cut your calories, reduce your daily intake of fats, and enjoy a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits and protein. Try to limit your calorie intake each day and try to vary your diet as much as possible. Limit your alcohol intake and drink lots of water because this helps your kidneys to function properly.

Coffee has a place in a gout-fighting diet and caffeinated beverages can be useful for people who want to avoid a gout attack. However, caffeine can be risky for some people depending on their overall health and if they have any other conditions. Talk to your doctor if you think that you may need to limit your intake of caffeine.

Vitamin C is important for lowering your uric acid levels. You can get a decent amount of vitamin C from fruits or you can get it from supplements. This particular vitamin is water soluble, so if you take in excess then you will flush it out in your urine. This means that you need to take some every day, ideally, to stay healthy. Some people advocate mega-doses of vitamin c that are far greater than the RDA. While many people do this without ill effects, you should tread carefully when taking multiple supplements or high-dose pills. If in doubt, talk to a doctor.

A balanced diet and working towards staying a healthy weight is vital if you want to stay healthy and not just avoiding gout but also avoiding heart disease, type 2 diabetes, risk of strokes, and other conditions. Try eating more vegetables, lean meats, fruit and pulses, and drinking more water. Cut down on dairy, red meat, alcohol, and simple carbohydrates. Keep a diary and see how you feel over a few weeks. You might get a surprise at how much your life changes and how much more energy you have when you start eating sensibly, getting a bit more exercise, and consistently trying to follow a healthy lifestyle

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