3 Easy Ways to Treat Gout with Celery Seeds Naturally

Celery seed has been used as a medicine all over the world for a very long time. The Indian Ayurvedic medicine treated flu, colds, poor digestion, water retention and other diseases with the help of the celery seed. Celery seed is a flavourful as well as a very powerful spice which you can dress your salad with, you can also add it to soups and curries. Because of its immense health benefits the celery seed goes beyond its’ culinary use. The reason for this is that it acts as a substitute medicine for the gout sufferers. It is medication which can prevent and relieve many conditions like gout, high cholesterol and hypertension.

Is Celery Seed Good For Gout:

  • Celery has a high content of diuretic oils, omega-6 fatty acids. It acts as a very powerful diuretic which cleanses your system of excess fluids. Similar to other diuretics which include guarana and coffee, celery seed enhances the kidneys so that it results in your body to flush out the crystals and uric acid that causes gout in the first place. It also alkalizes your blood. This is taken care of by helping your body to eliminate too much water by enhancing your urine output.
  • For thousands of years, Celery is a biennial plant which is being cultivated. The celery plant belongs to the Apiaceae family. This is why it is related with carrots, parsley, dill and fennel.
  • It is a very small fruit which is being cultivated for their many natural health benefits such as gout.The seed contains as many as 20 different types of anti-inflammatory properties. The celery seeds can also minimize the levels of uric acid in the blood.
  • This is why the celery seeds form an ideal choice of natural treatment for gout.

How To Take Celery Seed For Gout:

You can take celery seeds in the following forms:

1. Celery Seed Tea for gout:

You can crush and grind the celery seeds, pour boiling water over them. Now let it steep for at least 10 minutes. Now simply strain out the seeds, you are ready to drink the tea. In order to make it, it takes about 2 cups of tea approximately one tablespoon of crushed seeds.

2. Other Ways to Treat Gout with Celery Seed:

  • You can take celery seed in the normal way naturally as fresh or as dried seeds. You should however, take care not to eat the seeds themselves since they have bitter taste asides from being hard to swallow.
  • You can also get them as tablets. The recommended dosage is 500 mg 2 times daily.
  • The final way of taking celery seeds if in the form of an extract which works best. As the celery seed is a diuretic, you are advised to drink lots of water.

3. Black Cherry and Celery Seed Extract for Gout:

Black Cherry and Celery Seeds can lower the uric acid levels. Celery seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. Luteolin present in the seeds can block an enzyme that fuels uric acid formation. A study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism (Dec 2012) found that the cherry intake was associated with 35% lower risk of gout attacks.

Warnings and Concerns:

  • If you are pregnant women then you are refrained from drinking celery seed tea as it can stimulate uterine contractions or bleeding.
  • If you’re already allergic to birch pollen then you can also have an allergic reaction to celery seed. The ingredients which are active in celery seed can make you more sensitive to sunlight. This is why you are advised to wear sunscreen.
  • If you are on medications then you must talk with your doctor or healthcare provider before you drink the celery seed tea. The reason for this is that the active ingredients may interact with medications, especially thyroid medications, blood-thinning medications, sedatives and water pills.


Celery seeds have anti-inflammatory properties which helps to treat several issues in a human body. These seeds are being used from ages and is considered to be a very powerful remedy for gout and other problems.


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