Top Natural Remedies For Gout

Gout is a troublesome condition that is suffered by millions. It is a kind of arthritis and it can attack the hands, knees, wrists, and ankles and many have this condition in their big toe. Those who have gout will experience significant pain, tenderness and swelling along with inflammation in their joints. This condition can be healed naturally and we will go over the top natural remedies for gout.

Grated and ground ginger in two wooden spoons ginger root green leaves on the wooden boardGinger Root

Ginger has many properties that help the body maintain good health. One of its most powerful components is its ability to fight inflammation which is the cause of many of today's chronic conditions. Anyone wanting to get the benefits of ginger can easily do so by drinking ginger tea and by adding ginger to their diet by including it in their meals.

Ginger can also be applied topically by making a paste. If someone is suffering from gout in their big toe, then they may want to apply a ginger paste directly to the affected area. This can be done by taking a small amount of ginger root and putting it into the blender and blending it well. Then mix with a little water until it becomes a paste. Afterwards, simply apply to the affected area.

Baking Soda

Most people will keep some baking soda in their home for cooking and many use it for freshening up their carpet and removing odors in the refrigerator. But this powder can also be consumed to balance the acid to alkaline ratio. Most people who suffer from gout are highly acidic and this is the root of the problem.

Take a half a teaspoon of baking soda and put it into a large glass of water and stir well until it's completely dissolved. Then simply drink the water with the baking soda. This can be done 3 or 4 times a day. Most will begin to notice some improvement within the first few days.

Lemon And Lemon Juice

Although many people will think of lemons and lemon juice as having acid in it, this fruit helps to balance out the acid to alkaline ratio in the body. Gout is exacerbated when the body has excessive uric acid in the blood. Consuming lemons or drinking lemon juice will reduce the amount of uric acid in a person's body.

Using this as one of the natural remedies for gout can be done easily by simply using lemons with meals and by adding some lemon juice to water a few times each day. Squeezing some fresh lemon juice onto a salad, or fish, or vegetables is an easy way to include this in meals each day. Staying hydrated also helps this condition and adding lemon juice to the water when drinking it is a great combination to significantly reduce the symptoms of this condition.

It is important to understand that the cause of gout is excessive uric acid in the bloodstream. The buildup of uric acid in the body happens when a person consumes certain types of foods, particularly meat. The body then breaks down compounds from that food that increase the body's level of uric acid. Eliminating those foods along with consuming the natural remedies giving here can heal gout.

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