Ways to Flush Out Urates from the Body

A diet for Gout aims to keep a Gout attack away, an so it is full of foods that are low in sugar, and uric acid producing purines. Even foods high in salt or sodium are best avoided. For people with a Gout condition, juices and sodas may be off limits, especially if they are high in fructose. Along ith regular exercise and a steady diet for Gout, hydration is also important.

Water, of course, is the best relief from thirst—and the safest option, too! With Gout, drinking wine, beer, soda, or even fruit juices are prohibited—but to stay well hydrated, even Gout patients should explore other ways to quench thirst.

First and foremost, it’s not just any kind of water that’s best for a Gout patient, the best kind is Alkaline water. It helps pick up bad toxins, excess wastes and help them flush out from the patient’s system. It keeps your system clean and hydrated which is good for your overall health! More so, it is better at flushing out excess purines or uric acid in your system, so it is very effective at keeping a flare-up away!

Other drinks you can consider are natural fruit juices or smoothies. Commercial ones should be avoided as they may not be made from fresh fruits, and may contain high amounts of fructose that can trigger an attack at any time. Best thing to do is to pick your favorite fruit, peel them and squeeze them in a juicer, or put them in a blender to make a refreshing smoothie! These natural refreshments aren’t just a treat, but they are healthy too!

Lemon juice may be the best fruit option.  Lemons alkalize the body and also provide Vitamin C, both of which help to lower uric acid levels.  Squeeze a few lemons and add to 8oz of water for a perfect hydrating drink to start your day.

Other drinks that are good for a diet for Gout patient are tea and coffee. Although a Gout patient shouldn’t take them in alternating ways, but at least they are allowed if the patient chooses just one over time. Both tea and coffee have useful antioxidants that can also help throw out bad toxins from your body, and keep cholesterol and uric acid levels low.

Why hydration is very important for patients with Gout?

source: fitday.com

Every person needs hydration, and most especially,  those with Gout. Liquid can help dissolve the urate deposits in your body and flush them out through urination. The more frequent you can urinate, the better—as it means that the excess urates won’t deposit and crystallize in your joints and cause yet another bout with Gout.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated right after or before any meal. This can help especially if you have eaten something that’s risky for a diet for Gout patient, as it can help dilute the bad toxins taken.

It’s also best to drink lots of water when you first wake up in the morning, and before going to bed at night. Your body works best in cleaning up before you eat anything solid, and it also works very well when you are at rest.

To learn more tips about keeping your uric acid level low, or how to avoid such food, you can download an ebook that contains everything you need to know about it at www.goutdietguide.com.