5 Tips to Remember on your Gout-Friendly Routines

Gout may be a very painful condition, but it doesn’t mean that it should hinder you from a healthy lifestyle. In fact, this is the time to double your efforts when it comes to your Gout prevention diet and exercise—because eating the right foods coupled with light exercises can prevent several major bouts with Gout.

With your condition, you may however need to be selective when it comes to your chosen routines. Since your joints are where Gout usually attacks, you may be restricted to exercises that aren’t hard on your joints. That eliminates running and lifting weights.

What should be done?

Well technically, you can still run, but just light-paced running. You can use a treadmill, or go out to breathe some fresh air. Riding on a stationary bike is also a good exercise for you too!

Why regular exercise is good for Gout patients

Regular exercise is good for anyone, even for people who have no Gout. Exercising keeps you in good shape, because you get to burn calories and flex your muscles, it also encourages blood flow throughout your body, so it lessens the possibility of Gout to attack again.

If you decide to take up light jogging, remember the following:

1.) Don’t rush yourself.

source: saratogahealthandwellness.com

If this is your first time to run or jog outdoors or on a treadmill, don’t sprint all the way to your heart’s content! Otherwise, it will give you cramps the next day. Just do brisk walking, and gradually jog lightly when you think you’re ready.

It’s also the same with riding on a stationary bike—just start slowly, and gradually increase.

2.) Do it regularly.

source: globerunner.org

You need to at least do your exercises at least three time a week.  For beginners, you can do a 10 to 15 minute light exercise. Gradually, you can go on moderate exercises for 30 minutes or so.

3.) Find new ways to enjoy your routine.

source: iofbonehealth.org

If you’ve been stuck on the treadmill or stationary bike for months, you can always choose to do your light exercises outdoors—especially if the weather is great! It may also be a good idea if you have someone—a partner, friend, or family member—who’ll be your buddy when it comes to your routine. And of course, you can always enjoy your routine with good music!

4.) Chart Your Progress

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Although losing weight is not our main goal here, it’s still best to keep track of your weight.  Tracking how much weight you’ve lost or gain is important because if you are gaining too much, it means you have to adjust your eating habits.

Your Gout attacks should be monitored too, so you can chart whether the exercise is helping to decrease the frequency of attacks.

5.) Make it a way of life

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Exercising isnot just for a couple of months -this should be part of your daily, normal routine! The first month may be the hardest, especially if you are used to a sedentary lifestyle. But after 21-30 days of regular routines, you’d be used to it and exercising may even become fun!

Aside from joint-friendly exercises, you must also make your Gout prevention diet a normal, daily meal plan.. Gout is caused by the deposits of uric acid in our body and excess urates mostly come from the food we eat. So it’s important to take extra precaution in that matter.

If you need a guide or want to know more about Gout-friendly foods and recipes, you can visit www.goutdietguide.com to learn more. You can also find different tips on what alternatives you should eat if you are craving for something outside  the diet plan, as well as techniques on reducing alcohol consumption, and much more.

Your constant bouts with Gout hinder your ability to go on with your daily routine, but you can actually take the lead and control your own condition with the right diet and exercise!